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why belly art?

Many cultures celebrate times of transition during life. Pregnancy is one of those times that should be celebrated and remembered.

Adorning your belly with body paint or henna near the end of a pregnancy can be a lovely ritual as part of the preparation for a new baby. Whether done in private or surrounded by your loved ones, it also creates a nice opportunity for a mother to get off her feet and spend a little time being pampered.

I love helping to honor a woman during this time of change by working with her to create a custom design that she can proudly display on her belly.  


*Belly Henna or Belly Painting starts at $125 and is done on location (travel fee applied outside of a 20 mile driving radius from me)

*For custom designs, there is a non-refundable design fee of $75. Otherwise, you may choose from a selection of pre-made designs for your belly adornment, or another simple design of your choosing (at discretion of artist).

Plan for the paint/henna application process to take 1-2 hours.

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