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Whether you would like a painting to match your belly henna, a custom painted belly cast to memorialize your pregnancy or a portrait to remember your birthing or breastfeeding journey, you've come to the right place!

*f you are interested in a quote for a portrait or other artwork, please contact me and we can discuss your needs in more detail.

belly cast pricing

Belly casting packages for every budget: 

Belly Casting
- $100. I come to you with all necessary supplies to create a plaster cast of your torso. The cast then remains with you to do with as you like, or proceed below.

Belly Cast Preporation - $150. This can be done for a cast that you've made on your own, or one that I have done for you. Prep includes reinforcing if necessary, layers of smoothing plaster, sanding, and priming to prepare for decoration.

Solid Color - $50. I will paint your prepared cast all over with any solid color of your choosing, add a protective top coat, and a hanging ribbon, if desired. 

Simple Design - $100-$200. This includes a solid color of your choice painted over your prepared cast, along with simple decorative painting, like a henna-style design of your choosing, plus a protective top coat, and a hanging ribbon, if desired.

Mural - $200 & up.
 There are endless possibilities for custom murals on your finished belly cast. Contact me and let me know what you are envisioning, and I'd love to give you a quote. 




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