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"white henna"

The truth?  There is no such thing as "white henna".  If you've seen it somewhere, know that it is a new term that people have coined after images of henna artists using white lotion or paint to practice their designs started popping up on social media.  

That said, because there has recently been a demand for a white product that gives a similar look as henna, HennaGlam was created!  HennaGlam is created from ingredients approved by the FDA for skin and body art use water and acrylic based ingredients, adhesives and pigments - all FDA compliant for skin.  Also, latex-free!  
HennaGlam does not stain the skin like true henna does.  It is water-resistant and lasts about 1-7 days, depending on location - shorter on fingers, longer on the body. It is best used in areas free of hair.  It will slowly wear off on its own or can be removed with alcohol.  


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